A collaborative business relationship development programme


ALLIANCE - Intervention

ALLIANCE is a highly customised relationship development process. Based on industry best practices, it is designed to help you optimise your collaboration once the contracts have been finalised.

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How does it work?

ALLIANCE uses independent facilitation to evaluate your collaborative relationship and act towards an agreed desired state. The process is flexible and adaptable to address strategic, organisational, tactical, operational, behavioural and process issues in any collaborative relationship.

A typical ALLIANCE process follows 4 basic steps:


Four steps

Programme Content

Module 1- Collaborative Governance

Successful partnerships depend on a robust governance model that is known and understood by all. Here the key is to secure a strategic alignment between parties and to define the most efficient delivery organisation.

Our Governance module enables you to:

  • Discuss and agree the partnership mission and objectives
  • Define the decision- making process and associated communication flow (i.e. escalation and cascading)
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of both organisations counterparts


Module 2 - Working Dynamics

Efficient collaborative organisations rely on working dynamics that are based on trust, allowing issues to be discussed in an open and constructive environment.

Our working dynamics module enables you to:

  • Define ways to address problem notification and resolution
  • Develop trust and shared understanding
  • Discuss engagement and responsiveness
  • Manage lessons learned and best practices

Module 3 - Performance Management

Efficiency and effectiveness of a collaborative relationship is measured by its capacity to deliver business objectives in a satisfactorily manner.

Our performance management module focuses on:

  • Performance Measurements
  • Operating Controls
  • Performance Improvements

Module 4 - Processes and Management Systems

Defining new processes or sharing existing ones can be a daunting endeavour, even under ideal conditions. In the frame of collaborative organisations it is key to be aligned on the processes that regulate the relationship with a specific focus on creating value.

  • Product Development
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Innovation

How will I benefit?

  • Establish the foundation for working together on new collaborative partnerships
  • Define and set-up joint activities and processes  to meet performance expectations
  • Exchange, share and settle differences in order to resolve issues
  • Collectively define the action plan, approve it and then commit to its implementation
  • Establish and strengthen the collaborative dynamics and synergies needed to reach objectives

Where to start?

Contact a member of the Commercial or Innovation team to learn more about the real value ALLIANCE has brought to companies we have worked with so far!

Jean-François BARRAND

Jean-François Barrand,

Senior Consultant

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