Knowledge Management

Valuing knowledge as a company asset

Knowledge Management is a set of methods and techniques that allows an organisation to identify, analyse, capture, structure and share the knowledge from within in order to enhance its performance and competitiveness and hence truly value employees.

If you need support in retaining knowledge in your team or organisation, in situations such as mobility, retirement or prolonged absence for example, our dynamic team can accompany you using a set of proven solutions or by designing the perfect customised solution to meet your needs.

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Your business challenges

  • Prevent expertise and knowledge loss

  • Reduce collective knowledge gap

  • Map critical knowledge within the organisation

  • Capture the appropriate gestures for the performance of critical tasks

  • Capture lessons learnt to capitalise on best practices

Knowledge Management solutions

Ensure knowledge acquisition by capturing, visually mapping and transferring critical knowledge, experience and best practice.

Identify and transfer operational information to speed-up integration and ensure business continuity.

Capture and broadcast critical tasks, know-how and tips performed by operators in a manufacturing environment.

Develop individual competence by learning from the experience of others within a series of collective learning sessions.

A community of practice is a digital and/or non-digital network of people with common interests or challenges. We accompany your business in the scoping, creation, animation and check-up of your community to ensure high impact and high value.

Don't make the same mistake twice! Map your experience and formalise return on experience after key business steps.

Structure and gather key knowledge through an online encyclopedia allowing for accelerated onboarding, easier access to information and improved collaboration.

Clearly identify and assess the risks of knowledge loss and establish a secure action plan.

Develop a Knowledge Management Model in order to capitalise and spread knowledge within business departments. 

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