Network Manager™ - Where you manage the skies

The serious game where you optimise your network structure, revenue and hub performance in a fiercely competitive, realistic and volatile environment


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Network Manager™

is the latest Airline simulation game developed by AirBusiness Academy, focusing on Schedule and Network optimisation, Airport cost structure and hub performance.
As a team, you will have to manage an airline operating a network of 6 destinations that are connected through a poorly performing hub. You will have time constraints and up to 8 important decisions to make in order to get back on track...or try to at least!

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Manage your revenue...

...and choose wisely!

  • Understand the way airline’s prioritise and capture passenger demand
  • Become familiar with the way an airline develops a competitive Hub & spoke Network structure
  • Learn more about airport restrictions: curfews, slots, aircraft performance
  • Be aware of different types of airport fees, cost drivers and incentives
  • Acquire airport taxes and incentives benchmarking techniques 
  • Gain knowledge of successful Airport/Airline collaboration (inspired by real life examples)
  • Have a chance to network with other Aviation professionals 
  • Time and conflict management 
  • Decision Making techniques and tools
  • Self and Team performance

Network Manager™ can be implemented in a number of ways depending on your needs:

  • Advanced simulation (2 day, 8 decisions)
  • In-depth simulation (3 day, 8 decisions & expert presentation)
  • Team event (1 day, 4 decisions) Inter team seminar – Airlines / Airport, Airports / Airport suppliers - (1 day, 4 decisions)
  • Soft Skills development (2 day, 4 decisions)

For more information or to arrange a session, please contact us:

  • Airline Managers 
  • Airport Managers
  • OEM Managers