• Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) at AirBusiness Academy

    Published on 13/11/2014

    The happy faces of the most recent group from Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) to visit Toulouse.

  • Leadership talks in a magical environment.

    Published on 09/10/2014

    Guest speaker at the recent Rolls-Royce, Business Leader Development Programme, our very own Bruno Kahne shares his thoughts on an event held in the prestigious if not mystical surroundings of Oxford's Christchurch College.

    “I was impressed by the perfect organisation by Rolls-Royce, the outstanding quality of the participants and the exceptional venue which reminded me at every corner that Dumbledore and Harry Potter had been there before me!”

    Meet our Leadership faculty.

  • Continued Collaboration with IAS

    Published on 06/06/2014

    AirBusiness Academy and the Institut Aéronautique et Spatial (IAS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further collaborate on management training projects for international clients from the aeronautic and aerospace industries.

    This MoU will serve as a framework to build on existing synergies between both training organisations.  AirBusiness Academy has previously worked with IAS on various projects for aviation and leadership training. These areas will be further explored, along with courses in supply chain and other operational management subjects.

  • Do you really believe in coincidences?

    Published on 28/03/2014

    Last Saturday I was with some friends in the living room playing cards. Suddenly I had an urge to change my socks.  I had taken a shower and of course I had changed my clothes. I wasn't sweating so I didn't need to change my socks.  But again, the urge was too strong.  So I went to the basement to get my socks and when I got there, I saw water starting to flood the room because the window had been left open and the sprinklers outside had been turned on.  If I hadn't followed my instincts I would have lost many of my personal and precious belongings.

    Coincidence?  Maybe not...

    Following the success of his first book: Deaf-Tips: Powerful Communications, Bruno Kahne, Head of AirBusiness Academy's Leadership Faculty, is currently writing a second book on Synchronicity.

    If you would like to share an anecdote on several events connected in a way that you can't explain, contact Bruno who may include it in his book.



  • Breakfast Seminar: Supply Chain - Succeeding together with trust and agility

    Published on 21/03/2014

    Join us on 4th of April at AirBusiness Academy to exchange and share your views on how to overcome the current challenges facing the aeronautical supply chain.  The seminar will be led by Raphael Duflos, Chief Procurement Officer from Aerolia. He will speak about the importance of working together, and engineer cost out of the supply chain.

    If you would like to register for this event, please contact:

    Spaces are limited.

  • New Exhibition of Aircraft Equipment and Systems

    Published on 20/02/2014

    AirBusiness Academy and the Architecture and Systems domains of Airbus are proud to announce the grand opening of a permanent exhibition of equipment and systems in the AirBusiness Academy library. The exhibition was officially inaugurated at a ceremony on 13th February.

    The exhibition features over 100 pieces of equipment donated by domains throughout Airbus Engineering including Systems, Power Plant, Landing Gear, Cabin and Cargo, and Flight Tests. On display, visitors will find items from the cockpit, flight control, landing gear, thrust reverser, avionics, e-Operations, fuel, air, electrical and hydraulic systems.

    Philippe Labeaute (Aircraft Architecture and Integration Centre) is responsible for the Transnational System Architect Courses and thought it would be practical for participants to see real equipment during their training. “That was a key for this project: that they could get their hands on real equipment. It provides a bigger impact when they can see the equipment that their instructors are talking about.”

    AirBusiness Academy’s participants come from all sectors of the aeronautical industry so having such an exhibit displayed will be a wonderful opportunity for them to see aircraft equipment and systems that have been collectively built and used in real aircraft. 

  • Trainer Review Day

    Published on 17/01/2014

    Over 50 associate trainers from our Leadership segment participated in the first ABA Trainer Review Day. The objectives of the event were to bring together our associate trainer community and give them the opportunity to network and share best practices with fellow-trainers from other countries, meet ABA points of contact and receive information on the Leadership training catalogue for 2014.

    During the event, associate trainers participated in a marketplace where small working groups discussed topics relating to human performance such as decision-making, team dynamics, trust and delegation, centred leadership and intercultural communication.

    Here are a few comments to share from some associate trainers who participated in the Trainer Review Day…

    “I found the whole event to be uplifting and useful. It was great to meet you and your colleagues, as well as the other associates in your team.”

    We would like to congratulate you on what we thought was an extremely insightful and beneficial event…” 

    “I was delighted to meet new consultants and partners from different countries and to share this high-spirited time with you.”

    “You all made a great effort to make us feel at home and amongst good friends and real professionals.”

    Thank you to all the associate trainers who participated in the event and we look forward to working with you this year!

  • Airbus Lycée Professional: Learning by doing

    Published on 02/12/2013

    Two additional sessions of the Airbus Intercultural Programme for the Airbus Lycée were recently organised. This year, we set the focus on Environmental Services which was aimed to provide an inspirational journey through identify, landscape and art.

    The focus of the training was on self-development and international team work.  Apprentices from France, Germany and the UK came together to develop intercultural awareness, communication skills and put into practice the Airbus values. 

  • Pilot training successfully launched for coaches and coach-trainers

    Published on 26/11/2013

    We recently ran the pilot of our one-day 'Emotional Intelligence for Coaches".

    Developed cross-nationally with a base of experienced coach-trainers, the day was a great success. The participants on the day were made up of coaches and coach-trainers who all claimed to have benefited both personally and professionally from the day.  Subjects explored were:

    • Developing a deeper understanding of the roots of high performance and the role of Emotional intelligence there-in
    • Exploring how to achieve even-better listening skills through finer self and social awareness
    • The role and importance  of  understanding our Values
    • The importance of understanding the uses of  our Emotions

    Following the pilot session we will continue to fine-tune the content to what will result in a very insightful and practical day of training.

  • ABA welcomes CAAC for training

    Published on 26/11/2013

    We were pleased to recently welcome the Civil Aviation Authorities China (CAAC) who followed a training course on Leadership and Aviation Management. The topics included team dynamics, communication, interpersonal skills and aviation business and industry trends. This is the second course that we have delivered this year to CAAC managers.