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Collective Intelligence certification in collaboration with TBS

It is with great satisfaction that the 'Collaborative Work' team within AirBusiness Academy announces a new partnership with the prestigious Toulouse Business School (TBS).

Framed by a Memorandum of Understanding, the partnership revolves around the codeveloped competence block entitled «  Fichier pdf L’Intelligence Collective au Service de la Performance  ». Allowing participants to gain a TBS certification in Collective Intelligence, this competence block is also one of four parts in the TBS Mastère Spécialisé « Management de l’Innovation Technologique ».

Consisting of twelve days of training delivered over six months, the stand-alone block has been validated by the RNCP (EU registrer). This means that all individuals wishing to discover and upskill in the domain of Collective Intelligence can access and finance this training through their French training account (Mon Compte Formation (ex-DIF)).


The training syllabus was designed to purposely mix an academic and theoretical approach with practical and professional experience. Participants will discover and analyse group dynamics, individual and collective leverage, social cohesion and conflict management.

They will learn to facilitate, to understand and design collaborative workshops while also experimenting the tools and methods of Collective Intelligence (Design Thinking, Creativity, Agile Innovation Games)


The first cohort is ready for January 2021 and our experts Anne Demorais and Johanna Pineda cannot wait to get started ! 

Some places are still available, why not join in?


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