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Introducing 'Get Ahead in the Aerospace Race'.

The excitement at the Singapore Airshow continues for AirBusiness Academy this week as Head of Operational Management, Romain Sohier presents our brand new product entitled 'Get Ahead in the Aerospace Race'.

During the Supplier Conference at the Singapore Airshow, Romain will go through some background knowledge of Aerospace history, the market and the challenges of the past and future before plunging into the core subject of what it really means to be a supplier to the aviation and aerospace industry.

The presentation will give a taster of the key topics below and hopefully benefit suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region looking to 'Get Ahead'!

- Rules and regulations

- Quality standards

- Supply Chain standards

- Supplier Management

- Supply Chain improvement


This training will take place as an open course in Singapore from 11 - 13th May 2016. You can find more details about the course content and how to register here.

Or if perhaps you prefer an in-house session, please don't hesitate to get in touch directly.