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Do you really believe in coincidences?

Last Saturday I was with some friends in the living room playing cards. Suddenly I had an urge to change my socks.  I had taken a shower and of course I had changed my clothes. I wasn't sweating so I didn't need to change my socks.  But again, the urge was too strong.  So I went to the basement to get my socks and when I got there, I saw water starting to flood the room because the window had been left open and the sprinklers outside had been turned on.  If I hadn't followed my instincts I would have lost many of my personal and precious belongings.

Coincidence?  Maybe not...

Following the success of his first book: Deaf-Tips: Powerful Communications, Bruno Kahne, Head of AirBusiness Academy's Leadership Faculty, is currently writing a second book on Synchronicity.

If you would like to share an anecdote on several events connected in a way that you can't explain, contact Bruno who may include it in his book.