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New Exhibition of Aircraft Equipment and Systems

AirBusiness Academy and the Architecture and Systems domains of Airbus are proud to announce the grand opening of a permanent exhibition of equipment and systems in the AirBusiness Academy library. The exhibition was officially inaugurated at a ceremony on 13th February.

The exhibition features over 100 pieces of equipment donated by domains throughout Airbus Engineering including Systems, Power Plant, Landing Gear, Cabin and Cargo, and Flight Tests. On display, visitors will find items from the cockpit, flight control, landing gear, thrust reverser, avionics, e-Operations, fuel, air, electrical and hydraulic systems.

Philippe Labeaute (Aircraft Architecture and Integration Centre) is responsible for the Transnational System Architect Courses and thought it would be practical for participants to see real equipment during their training. “That was a key for this project: that they could get their hands on real equipment. It provides a bigger impact when they can see the equipment that their instructors are talking about.”

AirBusiness Academy’s participants come from all sectors of the aeronautical industry so having such an exhibit displayed will be a wonderful opportunity for them to see aircraft equipment and systems that have been collectively built and used in real aircraft.