Innovation & Collaborative Work

Our mission

We aim to design and deliver inspiring experiences, to foster innovation and facilitate business transformation, building on our clients' full potential. 

For us, business transformation is the journey to align People, Processes and Technology initiatives to support and create new business strategies.

In order to foster success and well-being, the AirBusiness Academy team focuses on five key working principles

  • customer needs focus
  • excellence and great designs
  • fail fast and learn
  • collaboration and cooperation
  • direct communication
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Transformation solutions

L'intelligence collective au service de la performance (RNCP N°34 912)

En partenariat avec TBS (Toulouse Business School), découvrez notre parcours certifiant L'intelligence collective au service de la performance, un des quatre blocs du Mastère Spécialisé " Management de L'Innovation Technologique " de TBS. 

L’intelligence collective propose une nouvelle approche permettant de créer des synergies, favorisant à la fois les initiatives individuelles et des réflexions de groupes très productives. Chaque collaborateur trouve facilement sa place, se sent ainsi concerné et mobilisé pour parvenir à des résultats toujours plus ambitieux à partir d’une démarche innovante et créative, portée par la stimulation collective.


Innovation training solutions

  • Our programme equips participants with innovation skills, competences and mindset to take a creative idea to a successful commercial venture with a successful business model.
  • It delivers a comprehensive innovation method covering: processes and tools (design thinking, business model generation, systems thinking) and innovation leadership mindset.
  • A modular approach enables you to customise the content of the programme to your specific needs. Our practice is rooted in the application of methods honed by start-ups, in the context of large B2B corporations.
  • A session of Creative Thinking will provide you with a vector to explore your creative self individually and collectively. It will allow you to reconnect with your natural creativity in order to forge and manage a more successful innovation team.
  • A 2-day hands-on Design Thinking training which will equip individuals and teams with pragmatic and user-centric solutions for innovation projects. It encourages participants to focus on the end-user and leads to improved products, services and internal processes. Our practice is rooted in the application of methods honed by start-ups, in the context of large B2B corporations.
  • This training plunges the participant into the habits, tools and concepts of Systems Thinking and how they react. When individuals have a better understanding of the interdependent structures of dynamic systems, they are better able to identify the leverage points that lead to desired outcomes.
  • This course is a highly interactive session where participants constantly exchange ideas and give feedback on each other's pitching posture. The key learning is that innovation should be focused on the creation of value for the end-user and participants will discover each element necessary for that journey.
  • Innovation Leaders focus on “doing things right”, applying the right innovation methods and means, executing agile plans, engaging the right internal and external resources, facilitating effective collaborations and convincing stakeholders and customers. This Innovation Leadership training will provide managers and innovators with the ability to intelligently navigate the lifecycle of an Innovation, from inspiration to business impact and value created in the market.
  • This course is designed to equip managers with a structured approach to creating a strategy in which innovation can thrive without endangering operations. The session will assist you in the creation of a bottom-up, transversal dynamic by developping collaboration between silos and also creating the conditions for creative ideas to prosper.
  • Our modular approach enables you to customise the content of the programme to your specific needs. Each programme is designed to help Experts to develop their ability to:
    • mobilise an ecosystem to solve a problem vs. being a single knowledgeable point of call
    • experiment and take measured risk vs. being risk averse
    • say 'yes' vs. saying 'no but'
    • make decisions, not only based on their analytical abilities, but also on their creative ones 
  • Running an innovation sprint is an exhilarating experience. It relies on professional facilitation  to successfully generate and implement valuable ideas at a rapid rate.
  • Our Innovation Coaches provide cross-functional teams with proven methodologies to brainstorm, define, and model new approaches to technical and business challenges.
  • This training seeks to challenge participants on their Agile practices, behaviours and mindset. It concentrates on the practical application of Agile principles, artefacts, roles and rituals in the frame of a project simulation, all the while striving to deliver value.
  • Our 4-day programme is a collaborative session for practitioners and those seeking to experience the art and science of designing and delivering engaging collaborative working sessions.
  • The session will allow you to be more confident during the facilitation of group discussions, workshops or any form of collective session. 
  • ALLIANCE uses independent facilitation to evaluate your collaborative relationship and act towards an agreed desired state. The process is flexible and adaptable to address strategic, organisational, tactical, operational, behavioural and process issues in any collaborative relationship. 

Our pedagogy

At AirBusiness Academy, each project is designed to encourage a holistic approach to help learners see the big picture.
To foster retention, we reduce information into digestible chunks to help better understand complex topics.
The pedagogical structure of the experience is key for learners to gain maximum outcome and benefits.

During our training, we make things visual by using varied techniques like videos, posters, graphic facilitation and other
visual elements to keep the learner engaged and to create an authentic and memorable learning experience.

This strategy aims to transfer knowledge to ensure a team or company becomes autonomous and builds a favourable
environment for positive changes or complete transformations. If the learning and outcomes of our training becomes applied
knowledge within a company, we know we have fulfilled our mission.

Find out more about our pedagogical approach.

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