Meet Camille

Start quotingThe ability to act on knowledge and to influence people and work with them effectively is powerEnd quoting


Camille has a broad experience of more than 10 years as a consultant for Airbus on business, project management, Environmental affairs, and Human resources functions. 

Based principally in the design office (airframe, manufacturing, engineering configuration management and architecture areas), Camille has developed a wide network, the ability for collaborative work and a real customer mindset.

With additional experience in facilitation, event organisation, communication plan definition, Camille joined AirBusiness Academy in 2021, convinced of the importance of securing knowledge within companies and the necessity to bring it back to its essential place.

AirBusiness Academy supports Airbus Engineering in a project of knowledge capitalisation & reuse, and Camille’s role is to drive design experts in capturing their technical knowledge, to manage communities of practice and to ensure that Engineering data will be easily reusable by future Aircraft designers.