Meet Ludovic

Start quoting“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”, Confucius Tchang
End quoting


Before joining AirBusiness Academy early 2019 as Knowledge Management Facilitator, Ludovic gained significant professional experience in hugely different industries.

He began his career in Telecommunication/Electronic where for three years he was radiofrequency engineer working in the development of hardware platforms for mobile devices for Motorola, then for Sagem for four years. Over the following five years, he was a subcontractor engineer for Airbus, working on the development of Radio-navigation and Navigation systems. A 12-year experience in which Ludovic learned to see the big picture.

Then, in 2012,  he decided to take a 360 turn with a professional reorientation in the Human Resources department within Airbus, focusing on recruitment at first and then evolving to Learning deployment management.

Knowledge Management represented a logical transition for Ludovic as it merges Human factors with technical knowledge and he is convinced that efficient KM will be a real asset in company competitiveness in the future.

Ludovic is currently a facilitator in the Critical Knowledge Transfer solution but will soon also be facilitating all our KM solutions.