Meet Justine

Start quotingKnowledge Management is sharing the knowledge that makes us growEnd quoting


After degrees in HR and Corporate Management, Justine became a consultant for different agencies supporting the biggest aeronautical companies with their Knowledge Management needs. 

Located in Toulouse, this position understandably allowed Justine to support the main challenges they face; ramp-up perspectives, knowledge loss risks, silos, knowledge gaps, lack of formalisation or structure.

Justine's main responsibilities lay in the deployment of individual & collective knowledge management solutions such as Critical Knowledge Transfers, Handovers, Communities of Practices throughout their lifecycle (definition, creation, animation and health check), Learning groups. She also provides Organisation-level consultancy services:  KM supporting companies in context of Business Transformation and Reorganisations, Deployment of Knowledge management Excellence within organisations.

Justine has the capacity to support a wide range of profiles from operators to executives, to run strategic and networking meetings, facilitate workshops etc. and is always on the lookout for new methods to use during her operations.

Areas of expertise

  • Critical Knowledge Transfers
  • Knowledge Management supporting Reorganisation
  • Knowledge Management Excellence for Organisations
  • Communities of Practices
  • Learning Groups