Meet Nicolas


Nicolas began his career with IATA in Montreal and then moved on to become a Business Analyst with Sofreavia/Oktal where he was responsible for the design and improvement of ATC environment simulators used by different civil aviation schools to train air traffic controllers.

He then joined IFR Skeyes, an Airbus subsidiary, as a Customer Support Director, dealing with Information Systems used by airlines worldwide to manage their flight operations, from initial schedule and budget preparation, up to the delivery of optimal crew rosters.

Nicolas' responsibilities at IFR France included audit, training, consulting and business development for a wide range of airlines of different sizes and business models, one of the most exciting being the marketing of this same Flight Operations System for the United Nations.

He also designed, marketed and implemented a web based crew portal, which is now used on a daily basis by crew members to bid for routes, check their rosters and track the flight schedule status.

Joining AirBusiness Academy in August 2011 as a permanent Consultant in the Aviation Management team, Nicolas has been highly involved in developing a solid Serious Gaming approach to training for the Aviation Management stream.

He has been the architect of AirManager digitalisation in 2014, mathematical model redesign in 2015 and is the creator of AirBusiness Academy's latest Serious Game Network Manager.


  • Engineering Degree, ENAC - Ecole Nationale de l'Aéronautique Civile (France)