Meet Andrea

Start quotingListening, supporting and inspiring the people with whom I work and connect and promoting a focused, balanced and healthy vision of leadershipEnd quoting


A Psychologist and Professional Trainer with an international background, Andrea designs, delivers and assesses training courses and programs focused on public speech, group building and team work, intercultural mediation, prejudice and stereotype, stress management and conflict resolution. Andrea has a wealth of experience studying, working and living around the world - Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain and France - under the framework of EU exchange programs.

For over a decade, Andrea has been inspired by the facilitation approach which allowed him to really understand and release the potential of Teams with different backgrounds and social status, from refugees and asylum seekers to middle and top managers. He implemented his unique approach within a wide range of sectors: public education, social work, international bodies, HR consultancy agencies, language training centers, medical care, justice, cruise entertainment and since 2015, heavy industry and the aeronautical sector.

Andrea applies Coaching as a useful approach for discovering practical tools and developing soft-skills, such as team work, talent development, management effectiveness and performance management. His sessions also include Mind Mapping and 'No-Formal' Education tools from the Theatre, Clown and other art and body techniques in order to generate awareness, build confidence and boost proactivity and creativity among both individuals and groups.
With the capacity to design and deliver in Italian, Spanish, English and French, Andrea will focus on developing the new activity of Human Performance for AirBusiness Academy.



Psychology Degree, International Relations and HR Development MBAs, Coaching Expert by Instituto Europeo de Coaching