Our mission

We deliver experiences that transform skills, behaviours and knowledge. This is ”Capabilities by Airbus”.

AirBusiness Academy has been committed to developing professionals in aeronautics and gaining insight into the management needs of the talents working in this dynamic industry for over three decades. As an Airbus company, our strength lies not only on our close ties to the aeronautical industry, but also on our in-house faculty and network of associate consultants who cover a range of training, coaching, facilitation and consultancy topics within our two areas of service:

Talent Development and Organisational Development


A strategic asset for Airbus

Protecting the company’s critical knowledge and supporting its talent retention.

Bringing industry leading organisation and talent development to start-ups, subsidiaries, partners, customers and suppliers of all 3 Divisions.

Supporting international cooperation and development, and offering services which our competitors simply cannot.

Our values

Caring is what connects us

Caring means that we believe in what we do, how we do it, and in one another. It also means that sometimes we’re frustrated or that we struggle. Caring is what drives us to make a real difference each and every day.


Fortune favours the bold

Taking risks means that sometimes we fail, and not even forward. It also means that we are humble enough to learn from our mistakes, confident enough to always be true to ourselves, and brave enough to give our all to the next idea.

Gratitude and attitude are choices

Attitude means that sometimes we will have days where it is easier to criticise than to appreciate, and that’s OK.

It also means that we choose to show up every day, appreciate the progress we’ve made, live in the moment and dream of a brighter future.

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