We are actively recruiting qualified professionals to become part of our network of associate trainers, coaches, facilitators and aviation industry speakers.


  • You have a strong classroom presence and you are able to engage your audience
  • You have proven experience in one of our fields of expertise 
  • Your knowledge transfer is highly creative
  • Your pedagogy is practical and can be easily applied to the workplace


  • You dare to go into the unknown whilst maintaining a trustful and meaningful connection with your client
  • You dare to ask challenging questions and provide honest feedback
  • You dare to take a step to the side so that your client can take a step forward


  • You know how to improvise whilst being well prepared
  • You make things happen without being visible
  • You love seeing people succeed and able to learn and take positives from mistakes
  • You are a great listener

Aviation Industry Speaker

  • You seek to develop your relationship with Airbus and its community of customers and suppliers
  • You wish to share your experience in the aviation business
  • You are looking for exchanges with high-level aviation professionals