Team dynamics workshops

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Watch the clip to get an overview of the different stages of a "Team Building Workshop" and understand exactly how it will be beneficial for you and your team.

Our facilitators ensure that your workshops run successfully by fostering openness and cooperation so as to actualise and leverage the full potential of your team. Together you will identify and set achievable objectives in order to overcome the obstacles to better collaboration.

Facilitators will guide teams through a process so that the group can formulate a vision and make decisions as needed. Whilst maintaining a neutral stance, they listen, observe the group dynamics and set the scene for fellow group members to voice opinions, to draw out ideas and to discuss constructively.

There is a strong coaching effect on the topics selected by the team or recommended by the facilitator.


If you would like to request a "Team Building Workshop", please complete the short form below and a member of the AirBusiness Academy team will be in touch to start the process.