Innovation & Collaborative Work

Training of the future

Think how much you can achieve with a little creativity!
AirBusiness Academy focuses on the development of your way of thinking in order to
  • optimise creativity
  • improve business acumen
  • encourage collaboration
  • foster innovation

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We can arrange training at your choice of location or within our headquarters at the Airbus Leadership University in Toulouse.

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Our innovation training

  • Reconnect to your natural creative self to forge and manage innovation teams
  • Practice creativity techniques and foster innovation in your organisation
  • Create human centered innovative ideas and solve problems
  • Design, assess and test business models
  • Understand the big picture, the links and interactions between the parts, to better act on a situation
  • Understand the context and situation around an innovation

  • Identify uncertainties to better mitigate and remove them

  • Prepare tactical plans and agile methods to boost the progress of an innovation

  • Understand the mechanisms and legal aspects in managing IP rights in a collaborative relationship
  • Looking for a starting point to acquire and practice Agile techniques, skills and tools?
  • Optimise your agile practices and behaviours and engage in a deep sustainable transformation within your organisation
  • Set-up a highly effective collaborative environment to rapidly develop an innovative user-centric solution

Our pedagogy

If you ever walk into an AirBusiness Academy collaborative session, you would see people standing, moving, reflecting, and most of all...learning.  Find out more about our pedagogical approach.

Our Innovation & Collaborative Work Faculty