Coaching is part of a professional development context, in which an individual or a team learn to learn how to do something differently.  It is based around a contract and the fundamental question:

What do I/we need to change and how will I know I/we have achieved that change?

The relationship between the coach and his/her client(s) is a privileged personal relationship.

Clients always choose who will be their coach and the two parties need to be connected for the coaching to be successful.

It is the trust in the relationship that allows the creative space to exist, in which clients can move forward together with their coaches into the unknown. 

Coaching is essentially a creative process in which we are able to step outside the current limited framework.

3 reasons for choosing coaching

  1. An organisation or individual sees coaching as the right choice for current development/learning needs.
  2. An organisation or an individual can choose coaching prior to a key change (new role, new responsibilities, new way of working).
  3. An organisation can see coaching as a way of helping someone through a difficulty or challenge that is current

If coaching seems to fit into your professional development needs, contact us to find out more about how we can be part of your coaching experience.