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The dangers of skiing

Published on 10/06/2013 by Paul Conway

A few years ago I booked a ski holiday online. Came the day, the whole family got up early, we packed the car, drove to Gatwick, coped with the early morning M25, parked the car and joined the sinuous queues at the airport. With 3 children even an ordinary queue becomes an ordeal of sorts and that day once we arrived at the check in desk the attendant looked puzzled, looked at our booking, tapped his keyboard, called his colleague, tapped again, looked puzzled again, sent us to another desk, more puzzlement, more colleagues, more tapping. Until the Aha! Moment … ‘You’re a month early!’ So we did have a flight and a holiday booked but departing on 17th March rather than 17th February. An easy mistake to make, come on! 

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