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Lighten up!

Published on 08/26/2016
#AirBusiness Academy

As you probably know, AirBusiness Academy recently moved house….from one very big building to a brand new campus. And after almost 25 years in an extremely spacious environment, it is safe to say that stuff got put away for safe keeping. Very safe keeping!

Files from the 90s, odd accessories used during many a teambuilding event, furniture that would not look out of place at my Grandmother’s house and equipment that I’m sure the Millennials would not even recognise. So much stuff that we thought might be of use for something else so we kept safe just in case. And it just piles up and keeps piling up. I realised I am very guilty of this.

Just around my desk, I found notes from my very first day, phone numbers on post-its, empty gift boxes, business cards a go-go, outdated catalogues, old invoices, 3 million pens that don’t even work, mugs, flyers, photos, document drafts, frames, calendars, directories….so much stuff that could be reused, recycled, refurbished or that would give ideas & inspiration to future projects or that would recall the history of the company. Or that would gather dust…

It felt fantastic to lighten the load and I made a deal with myself there and then that at our new location I will only hold on to what is absolutely necessary. Repeat after me; “I will not be a hoarder, I will not be a hoarder”.

In any case in this digital era, our ways of working have changed…our ways of learning have changed and will continue to do so…anything I can print, I can save and email: anything I need from a directory I can find on LinkedIn and nowadays ideas and inspiration very rarely come from a catalogue anyway.

So that’s work sorted, now to get started on my garage…

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