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I Want One of Those!

Published on 12/21/2015 by Paul Conway

This is my last blog for AirBusiness Academy and the last one before Christmas and moving to Airbus Group leadership University in January, so I am in Xmas mood and thinking about what presents I may buy or give to others. Here goes….

First idea. How about one of these? A table that connects to your smartphone or tablette and acts as a huge touch screen. If you have ever been to a workshop where you work in groups and end up having presentations back to the plenary with illegible flipcharts then surely this is the answer to get everyone’s feedback in one place instantaneously. Order me 12 of those please.

Next gift idea for myself. The Hawaii Chair. It takes the work out of your work day. A chair that will get rid of the excess kilos accumulated over Christmas. Take a look and please keep a straight face.

Actually, forget the Hawaii Chair. Just get me the promo video above playing on a continuous loop in every room in the house.

Or if you don’t want to buy me one of those chairs, how about a USB Finger Dance Mat? Then I can have a party on my desk with everyone invited. 

To use the device, you just plug it into your PC, slip your digits into the cardboard finger character (two choices: Disco dude or Flashdance chick), and tap your fingers in time to the flashing lights on the 4x4in dance floor. It is fresh, it is funky, it is totally **********.

Unsurprisingly the Dance Mat was discontinued shortly after it was launched but you might still find one on


Next idea for a gift …. I usually buy my pets a present. A mouse to chase for the cat, a Christmas lettuce leaf for the tortoise (but they never come out to get it until April), a special cuttlefish for the bird. But as we are in the digital age I think this year I will buy the cats a Webex account so they can connect with other digital cats.

What if cats had webex meetings

Wouldn’t that be fantastic.  I can imagine them all with their videos running, not saying (meowing) anything but just apparently pondering where the next meal is coming from. From time to time one of them would lick a paw or chase a fly off the screen. To get attention in the meeting they would click the ‘raise a paw’ button but then have nothing to say but at least they would be into the digital age.

Happy Christmas!






Paul Conway

Paul Conway

Leadership Faculty

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