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How do you know what will catch on?

Published on 11/06/2015 by Paul Conway

Usually I think I know if an idea is good or bad.  I can make up my mind pretty easily … good or bad.  Cooking sausages without a shirt on, practising your golf swing in the bathroom, wearing Hawaiian shirts when not in Hawaii ….all clearly bad ideas. But the other day I was in a supermarket and saw one of the workers holding a big green hand.  The idea is that the hand indicates to customers the checkout where there is the smallest queue.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Good idea, if people really need that sort of assistance.

Good idea because it’s simple and doesn’t involve a digital download from Playstore.

Good idea because it tickled my sense of humour about how to misuse the green hand on April Fool’s Day.

Bad idea, if you are the person having to hold the green hand.  I can’t imagine it is a very satisfying part of the employee’s day to have to handle the green hand.  ‘You’ve been promoted Danny, after 5 years of dedicated service, today’s the day you get to hold the green hand. Take it steady at first.’

So in the end I am not sure.  You tell me what you think...and if you find a seriously useless idea, please let me know.


Paul Conway

Paul Conway

Leadership Faculty

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