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How long before you are replaced by an App?

Published on 03/06/2015 by Paul Conway

I used to go for a bike ride and choose my route from my memory of the map I had looked at before I left the house. I used to come across a traffic jam in my car and wonder if taking the side roads would be quicker. I used to buy a kitchen cupboard and wonder what it would look like once it was installed. I used to have a dog and ask myself how often it should be fed. I used to put on a few kilos over Christmas and ponder how best to get back in shape.

Now I can download an app to take the mystery out of all of these situations.

I would like to think that all of these apps would lead to better quality of life and the best technology is being used to serve humanity.  But then I see that there are over 250 fart apps available in Play Store on my tablet. An app's success doesn’t seem to have any link to how much quality or worth it has; in the same way that a video of a baby biting his brother’s finger became one of the biggest hits on YouTube. By the way … thanks to the Waze App I now arrive at work about the same time as I always did but have the pleasure of several new, shorter traffic queues in the morning rather than the long one I know and love.

Certain jobs are also in danger of being replaced by technology.  Uber have already taken a bite out of taxi drivers and Airbnb have become an alternative for hotel bookings. I can’t imagine my dentist will soon be replaced by an online tool but what about if you are a proof reader, a translator, a contract lawyer, a trainer, a coach, a dietician, a receptionist in a call centre for a hotel chain? …. It can’t be long before these functions are made obsolete.

Your job is safe, surely?

Oh! And to see a cool video of how far technology could go…

take a look at and then go out to a restaurant and watch people out for dinner with friends but spending the evening on their phones and then you’ll see that the youtube clip is maybe not far out of reach.

Anyone got an App that writes a blog?

Paul Conway

Paul Conway

Leadership Faculty


Its funny because at the gym I usually go to do my work out sessions, trainers have already been replaced by some screens where you just have to select the course you want to do.

03/27/2015, 11:41 - Paul-Alexandre CASTELLON
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