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Facing Reality

Published on 03/02/2015 by Bruno Kahne

As I was out walking in the countryside with my kids, we came across a field of corn on the cob. We got closer and saw the green silks emerging from the dark green leaf whorl. The cobs were still young and tender. We went into the field and I showed my youngest son how to uncover the sugary baby cob from the several layers of leaves tightly wrapped around the corn cob. As he found one and cleaned the cob from its leaves and silk, he called me with much excitement:

“Dad, look, the corn is bleeding.”

I thought that maybe he had seen some sap dripping from the stem. So, I went to get a closer look and saw a few drops of red blood on the corn. Clearly, it wasn’t the corn. My son had cut his finger on a leaf edge.

“Liam,” I said calmly, “the corn is not bleeding. Look at your finger. You cut yourself with a leaf.”

Liam who was previously joyful and smiling, looked at his finger and, as he saw the blood dripping, his face turned white and he started to scream.

Such is life. We can make believe that the corn is bleeding and smile while we slowly bleed away or we can face reality. The second choice will surely make us cry at times. But it will also make us learn and grow.

Bruno Kahne

Bruno Kahne

Leadership Faculty

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