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Published on 12/13/2014 by Myriam Healy

2013 - My birthday celebration. My family and I, all based in various EU cities, reunite in Montpellier to see our beloved Munster Rugby take on Clermont-Ferrand in the semi-final of the European cup. Clermont beat us well. We were out. A birthday to remember?

Fast forward two years; Dec 6th 2014 Clermont are visiting Munster’s heart and they are ripping us apart. It’s half time, what’s happening? …….We’re having such a great season?

The Demons of April 2013 are alive and well.

Twenty three French visits to Munster over the last few years resulting in zero wins for the French teams. Will that change tonight?

At 39 minutes and 40 seconds our talisman Paul O’Connell powers forward, looking like he’s on a treadmill, pushing forward with all he has (and he has size, height, passion, reputation and experience on his side…plus almost all of Ireland) and he’s static with the force of Clermont  attaching him.

Second half begins, we have 40 minutes to go. 40 minutes to regain credibility and self-belief.

We are a distant second best. Our opponents – our Demons of April 2013 are playing in the rain (this should be more our cup of tea than theirs)

48 minutes our captain is down……….

53 minutes Clermont still leading by 10 points, both teams are giving it their all. It’s the little things that keep us fighting…………”Stand up and fight”……………. flashes on the screen, the crowd sings on.

58 minutes we’re making some territory.

60 minutes, we score, 7 points between the teams, a quarter of the match left.

65 minutes we make ground…we lose the ball again.

10 minutes to go and our opponents are cruising.

We fight. They defend. The clock ticks. The whistle blows. They win. Defeat at home.

Clermont have taken their place in history as the first French club to beat Munster at home.

At 51 minutes - The commentators asked, “Where will it come from…“from the heart” the other responds…………………

 “Stand up and fight” ………………………..Clermont Auvergne ‘chez eux’ tomorrow!


Clermont-Ferrand Vs Munster Rugby

16h15, Sunday, 14 December 2015

Myriam Healy

Myriam Healy

Leadership Faculty


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