Learning events

‘Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than passive process’ - Euripides

Our projects connect people through projects that provide action and activity in a controlled environment. They are designed to be challenging, stimulating and engaging.  Expert facilitation of the projects enables you to gain memorable and valuable personal learning.

Through these events, learning and development are achieved through personally determined experience and involvement.  Depending on the project, you will explore team management, leadership style, planning process, project performance, creative problem solving, time management…

Here is a selected list of projects that we can provide. We can also create a fully tailored event based on your learning objectives.

Our projects

Pegasus is a design and construction based project. Teams are challenged to build a prototype plane model to satisfy a client’s brief. Time is short and expectations are high.

Demeter is a 24-hour design and construction project.  The team is challenged to build an outdoor construct to satisfy a client’s need. The client is genuine, creating a realistic business simulation.

Odysseus is an innovative film project. Working in multiple teams the group must come together to create an ‘Oscar winning’ masterpiece.

Metis is a complex and stimulating challenge where overall success depends upon excellent connections both between group members and across team boundaries.

Everest is an open-ended, ‘unclear objectives’ experiential project, requiring good parallel working and data processing. The experience is real and engaging.

The objective here is clear; design and construct the fastest model dragster. With limited time and materials, the project provides a powerful insight into project management, control systems, and procurement.

Designed around your venue, Athena is an immersive project set in the time of Napoleon.  Multiple tasks allow for powerful and progressive reviews with the trainers.

Contact us for more details about any one of these projects or if you need something bespoke, tailored to your specific learning needs.

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