Meet Anouchka

Start quoting“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative imagination” A. EinsteinEnd quoting


One of the newest members of our faculty and a long awaited addition to the new domain "Innovation & Collaborative Work", Anouchka joins AirBusiness Academy with an array of international experience under her belt.

After managing a variety of culture focused projects in Florida, Auckland and Paris, Anouchka settled in Toulouse in 2008 where she discovered a love for soft skills trainings and all things creative. She started then to focus on developing these new found passions into a career.

From public speaking and interpersonal communication to leadership, Anouchka built the competences necessary and put knowledge into practice over the next 7 years as a consultant at Dale Carnegie Training. She has continued to strengthen her skills on creativity, innovation and collective intelligence ever since.

Anouchka's main responsibilities lay in the deployment of collective intelligence sessions, the hosting of creativity workshops for change, innovation and progress and the implementation of an environment fostering change, synergy and collaboration.

Anouchka has the capacity to facilitate high-profile events, strategic innovation meetings, problem-solving workshops and is always on the lookout for new feedback formats to use during her sessions. Anouchka and her contagious energy and enthusiasm will surely help you find the spark you need to get your creative project up and running and we are definitely looking forward to the results!



  • Introduction to UX Design, (Georgia Tech) MOOC
  • Trainer’s qualification and educational engineering, CAFOC of Toulouse
  • Collective Intelligence & Leadership, (Robert Dilts) international certificate
  • Collective Intelligence in companies, (Robert Dilts) international certificate
  • Creativity tools for innovation & development, private certificate
  • Creative problem Solving, (University of Minnesota) MOOC
  • Communication and Leadership, (Dale Carnegie Training) private certificate
  • Leadership & Management, (Dale Carnegie Training) private certificate
  • High Impact public speaking, (Dale Carnegie Training) private certificate
  • DEESCOM, (Efficom Paris) communication officer degree
  • Master’s Degree in English, (Caen, France & M’side college, USA) literature LLCE



  • EACC European American Chamber of Commerce, South West: - Executive member and coordinator of the « HR & Talents » taskforce