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We are a leading training provider for professionals working in the aeronautical industry. Our Aviation Management portfolio encompasses customised learning solutions, regional courses and consulting services to develop management skills in the areas of Airline Business and Operations, Aviation Strategy and Finance, Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering and Aviation Safety.

As an Airbus company, our differentiating factor is our close proximity to the aeronautical world. This allows us to have an excellent grasp of hot topics in the industry and current issues facing professionals involved throughout the complete aeronautical value chain. This know-how is transferred to you by both our Aviation Management team and by our network of industry specialists who are experts in their field.

Our training domains

We can help you to:

  • Understand airline operations, from scheduling to D day
  • Gain insight into airline marketing and airline revenue management business and finance
  • Learn and practice international crew rostering methods

We can help you to:

  • Understand the cost drivers of Airbus Operators
  • Develop a clear understanding of the relationship and legal framework in which Airbus Operators of Airbus aircraft and Suppliers of Maintenance services operate
  • Identify, control and reduce maintenance costs

We can help you to:

  • Learn all phases of fleet development and financing
  • Acquire knowledge of manufacturer business and finance
  • Build negotiation skills specific to aviation industry

We can help you to:

  • Apply the methodologies to identify hazards and manage risks
  • Develop and deploy a pan-organisation Safety Management System
  • Manage an aviation-related crisis from organisational, procedural and behavioural perspectives

Our pedagogy

Our training is grounded on a pedagogical approach which engages participants in active learning: role plays, serious games, debates, case studies, etc. This approach has served as the basis for the development of a series of learning units which are made up of instruction + serious game + debrief. These learning units can be combined to build courses and programmes, allowing for more flexibility and adaptation to specific training requirements. 

Our open courses

Depending on your learning needs, you can either attend an open course, or decide for a customised approach where our team will analyse your requirements and propose solutions that will correspond to your specific training goals. 


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We make decisions every day. What if we could simulate beforehand the outcome of those decisions? AirManager is a learning platform based on a serious game that creates a safe environment from which you can make airline strategy decisions that will impact both market share and profitability.

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